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Canagliflozin Amputee Attorney

"Losing a toe, Canagliflozin amputee attorney or a big toe, is a big deal.They advertised Invokana as an improved alternative to other type 2 diabetes medications, belonging to the "newest class of medicines" that work with the kidneys to reduce blood sugar levels.In the December 2015 FDA announcement, the agency warned consumers that 19 cases of Invokana urinary tract infections had progressed to life-threatening kidney and blood infections requiring hospitalization and that some patients even required dialysis or intensive care for kidney failure.However, they have been linked to an increased risk of serious complications, including leg and foot amputations and ketoacidosis, a potentially fatal medical condition that results in the body releasing dangerous acids into the bloodstream.

Beginning in 2017, Sharp HealthCare, Scripps Health, and numerous treating physicans stopped prescribing Invokana in light of the amputation risks.Although these drugs remain on the market, the FDA continues to issue warnings.I am also an amputee, as well as a personal injury attorney, and I will help fight for the compensation to which you are entitled.Here is why…Attorney Michael Sawaya and the legal team at The Sawaya Law Firm are dedicated to helping Type 2 diabetes patients harmed by the prescription medication Invokana.They asked whether a person with diabetes would rather have a heart attack or a toe amputation.We have recovered millions of dollars for people harmed by dangerous drugs and medical devices.5 of 1,000 patients receiving Invokana suffered amputations while only 4.

If you or a loved one with diabetes experience any of these symptoms after taking Invokana, Invokamet, or another SGLT2 inhibitor, seek medical care immediately.A certain class of type 2 diabetes drugs can lead to a life-threatening condition called ketoacidosis, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration warns.If you or a loved one has developed diabetic ketoacidosis, kidney damage, suffered a heart attack, fractured a bone, or have had a lower limb amputated as a result of any of these or similar diabetes medications (known as SGLT2 inhibitors) you may be entitled to compensation.Write(new Date().

Want to call us instead?Increased Limb Amputation Risk—The FDA announced in May 2017 that it was requiring boxed warning labels to be added to Invokana packaging to describe this serious side effect.The excess glucose alters the chemistry of the urine inside the bladder and urinary tract, resulting in conditions that are more conducive to infection.Wounds on their feet due to diabetic neuropathy, a supply of fresh blood.

New information from the FDA has reinforced the belief that there is a link between the drug canagliflozin (commonly sold under name Invokana) and amputation.We will work tirelessly in order to obtain maximum results for you.EMA could recommend changes to the way the drug is prescribed in Europe if the increased amputation risk is confirmed.The researchers found that after taking Invokana or a placebo for one year, amputations occurred in:

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