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Looking At Different Scholarships To Attend School

Looking At Different Scholarships To Attend School

For many years I have had a dream of going to college. I want to earn my degree in literature and writing. The only thing holding me back is finding a way to pay for it.

I have tried working and saving up money to obtain my dream. It is difficult trying to save money when I am working at a minimum wage, dead end job. I was not going any where in the job I have at the moment. Plus, being paid only minimum wage, it is hard to save money for a big expense like a college degree. I knew I had to find a way to pay for college, because it is a dream I can not let drizzle away.

After work I went straight home to look on the internet for any scholarships I could apply for. I look for as many as possible I could apply for and receive to help me. The more scholarships I found, the more excited I became. I started applying for different scholarships each and every day. I knew I might not get every one I applied for, but each one I did receive would help me achieve my dream of a college degree.

It was not long before I received enough scholarships to help me obtain my college degree in literature and writing. I was ecstatic, extremely happy. I knew my degree was in my near future.

I know it will be a tough road ahead of me while I worked and went to college, both full time, but I knew I could handle it. My college degree was finally in reach. No matter how difficult it may get at times, I knew deep down inside how much a college degree will brighten my future career and income. My future life, career, and income was looking awesome.

Some of the scholarships I know are only for a year, but I know there are always going to be scholarships to help me. Life is great. Furthering my education to obtain my desired degree will only brighten my future, my dream career, and my income.

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