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My Veterinary Education Is Priceless- It Made My Vision A Reality

My Veterinary Education Is Priceless- It Made My Vision A Reality

I realized early in my life that I would pursue a Veterinarian career. My love of animals and my concern for their future and survival led me to choose this as my goal. Knowing this would be my path I knew that a good education would have to be achieved. Studying hard and going on to receive both a bachelor’s degree and Doctor of Veterinary Medicine education would mean I had many years of education ahead of me. Knowing the importance I would play in animals lives had me excited to begin.

After I received a high school education my next step was to complete a Bachelor’s Degree Program. There I was obtained a degree in biological science while studying chemistry, physics and math. This was an exciting four year program that taught me many of the first steps I would need to become a veterinarian.

From my Biological Science degree I went on to earn Doctor of Veterinary Medicine. The veterinary medicine education provided me with extensive knowledge on topics such as; animal anatomy, virology, nutrition and physiology. These were the key topics I needed to become the veterinarian I had envisioned. Each year I built on this knowledge with research projects, field work, and lab work and continued to grow more knowledgeable and comfortable in the care of animals.

Once I had earned my Doctor of Veterinary Medicine education I went on to become a licensed veterinarian and spent the first year out of school as an intern for a local veterinarian in our city. The education I earned to get me where I am today is priceless. I had a goal and receiving the proper education helped me attain this goal and made my vision of helping animals a reality.

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